The bag is a handmade faraday cage: anything sealed inside will be blocked from sending or receiving wireless signals, including RFID, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS. Phones are very leaky devices, constantly receiving and transmitting data. This data can be intercepted by individuals, organizations, or applications and used to determine certain things about you, such as your location, contacts, and activities. Sealed inside the bag, your phone will be prevented from exchanging such data with the outside world. Your phone will not receive calls or texts while inside. Once you open the bag, any missed calls and texts will then reach your phone. While the bag is primarily intended to hold your phone, it also protects credit cards, key fobs, and any other device that operates using wireless signals.

The bags arrive smooth and crumple with wear. Due to the metallic nature of the signal-reflecting fabric, the bags develop a patina over time. This is a handmade bag. We have dipped each cord in rubber, and assembled and sewn each bag ourselves in NYC.

Limited Edition of 50 bags.
Fits most standard phones.
Interior dimensions 3.5 × 6.5 in.